Dave Lopez Tattoo

Growing up with a father who started Tattooing a few years before I was born, I think it may have been inevitable that I was on my way to follow his chosen career path. I was born in 1976, in Staten Island, NY and my daily exposure to Tattooing eventually led to my desire to apprentice under my father, Ron Lopez.

I executed my first Tattoo at the age of 12, an outline of the infamous “Hot Stuff” devil (lil red devil) on Dads inner ankle. It was not until the age of 17 that a formal apprenticeship had started. A long hard 18 months the traditional way was how I learned.

A learning process that I am very proud to say I followed through to full completion. I am very fortunate to have had a great teacher in my father. Because of this I have gotten a chance to see many wonderful places, including Japan (my favorite),working with and connecting with a great deal of amazing artists, collecting great souvenirTattoos by them, making good friends, and continuing to learn new tricks and techniques through these great people.


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